About us, our mission & cause

Make The Rest Up creates content and curates beauty and lifestyle products with a mission to change the perception of beauty through philanthropy and empowerment. We focus on the fun and confidence that makeup and beauty provides, while giving back to causes at the core of women's needs, such as literacy and entrepreneurship.  10% of all our sales are donated to various charities supporting our favorite charities of these causes.

Why I started Make The Rest Up

Growing up, I was the only girl that looked like me in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My mom didn’t know how to do makeup. As an internet kid, I learned online and was always imitating the looks I loved. Soon, I was doing all my friends makeup before dates or school dances. As I entered the professional world as a sales and marketing professional, I realized how much more confident I felt when I felt fierce in my makeup. A little extra eyeliner made me feel like I could stand out in the board room, even if it was all in my head. For me, Make The Rest Up is about delivering a bit of confidence to the powerful women around me while doing a bit of good around the world.

About Natasha Moonka Russ

Natasha was raised in Albuquerque New Mexico with a love of marketing, technology, good food, and bold eyeshadows. Natasha earned her bachelor’s in Advertising and Communications. After working as an ad agency digital media planner in Cincinnati, Ohio, Natasha went on to help build a client services and pre-sales team at marketing analytics start-up, Adometry. When Adometry was acquired by Google, Natasha and her husband, John, moved to San Francisco but left their hearts in Austin Texas. With Make the Rest Up, Natasha continues to live her dream of turning passion into entrepreneurship.