Donating to Women's Literacy & Education

I firmly believe that education is a human right and everyone should have access to resources for bettering their future. The stats on illiteracy are staggering: 774 million adults (age 15 and up) cannot read or write, with two-thirds of these adults (493 million) being women. We believe in helping women all over the world get the education they deserve. Make the Rest up is about embodying beauty from the inside out.  Through approachable beauty products and fashion, we aim to make women feel a bit more special in an increasingly fast paced and stressful world. Every month we will feature a charity that is focused on helping further women's literacy and education to donate our funds to.

10% of all our proceeds will go towards making sure women and girls all over the world get the same opportunity to be a #badassbosslady like you! Our most common charities are charities such as The Malala Fund, Girl's Inc and most frequently, our favorite, The World Literacy foundation

The World Literacy foundation advocates for reading and writing education in communities around the world. Since 2003 teams of volunteers have been working on big picture projects like distributing books, enabling mobile learning, and organizing community-based reading programs. Help us make a difference by booking your next event with Make The Rest Up and bring some beauty to yourself and the world around you.

What are the women’s charities and causes you’d like to see us feature in the future?

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